Science Academy,
July 13th 2007
the Biodoll presents her art performance at the "Glocals and Outsiders" conference, during the Prague Biennal

[Glocal & Outsiders conference]


Art, hacking, hacktivism, business models for immaterial production,“Global access trought sexuality”. Total Hacking: men, media, fashon, law, by using a language that's truly global and that doesn't know boundaries: birth and sex.
The Biodoll, a cloned prostitute from the future to be used and abused by the audience, promotes and enacts all this. Through her creator, artist Franca Formenti, she deals teh cards her own way, seducing VIPs and intellectuals to transform seduction into subversive communication: she invades blogs, hacks Milan's catwalks during the international fashon weeks, creates commercial product lines based on art performances, giving a lesson in finance, marketing and business to all of the theoriticians of the immaterial economy.
Fighting against her own nature - being a clone, with no belly button - sh egives birth to a child: Angel_f, a young artificial intelligence born from her loving interactions with prof. Derrick de Kerckhove.

Two fundamental topics in the discussion:

User generated life: just as in real life, interaction is the base for reproduction, and the Biodoll uses digital interactions as a contemporary form of sexuality, of fetish, of energy (an example can be found in her continuous "search for interaction/information" to feed her child).

Haking life-style and consumism. A first level of visibility is obtained by seducing/hacking VIPs. The next step is found in the creation of commercial produc lines and of business models getting their origin from artistic performances: art becomes an enabling technology in the contemporary era, starting from production and economy.

The results are physical, and can be bought and sold, online.

The results:

a sex toy bag, a woman's bag by Serpica Naro produced by the Biodoll (originating form prof. de Kerckhove's transformation into a sex toy right after him leaving the Biodoll.)
Bloki freeprexxx, a freepress publication distributed in Milan; Angel_f's
teh new helmet-hat by Biodoll for her 2007 fall-winter collection,
the Angel_f USB sculptures, a new line of USB gadgets by Angel_f
the Bangel, "I Baci di Angel", the new line of chocolates and sweets by Angel_f.

Now mother and son are in it together.. and they're everything but virtual!

The conference, presented by xDxD, ended up with us throwing Bangel chocolates on a delighted and astounded audience.


Franca Formenti
Derrick de Kerckhove
Antonio Caronia
Carlo Formenti