Roma, Liberafesta,
Parco della Resistenza,
July 28th 2007
Angel_f, the young artificial intelligence born from the interactions between the Biodoll and Derrick de Kerckhove, partecipates to the congress organized by FHF Italia.

During the congress "Un mondo al bivio. Etica hacker e pratiche di cultura libera" ("The world at a crossroad. Hacker ethics and free culture practices"), organized by the Free Hardware Fundation Italia during the national convention of the political party Rifondazione Comunista (the italian communist party), little Angel_f had the privilege to hold the closing remarks.

The younk artificial angel gave proof of a deep political analysis and of his deep knowledge of the dynamics running human society. "Although I respect what you all do, I must tell you: you are out of your time.": this was the start of hic contribution to the conference, while talking to the audience. Angel continued by discussing "deep and integrated" ecologist topics, "far from mere ambientalism". Angel_f managed to hit a nerve by approachind delicate subjects such as: multinationals, because, in a way, they are more "ecological", as they are perfectly integrted in their environment, and they possess a deep, integrated knowledge of it, so much that they perfectly know how to exploit it; broadband, progressively becoming a political catchphrase for "liberty", hiding the exploitation of armies of underpaid, precarious workers and environmental monsters - thousands of kilometers of phibers and electromagnetic waves -; politicians approaching these topics in their neverending hund for consensus.

Angel_f's conclusions were a further subtle and delicate stab: the young artificial intelligence reminded us of how we constantly deal with digital beings, not really different from him in structure and architecture, such as banks, bureocracy and multinationals. "I m only cuter than they are", he stated while a soft musical background by King Crimson relaxed the audience. Little Angel_f pointed out the need to define a new form of perception and for totally new rules/laws/rights to assess such relationships.

During the conference, something snapped, as someone (human) ended up referring to him, just as if he was one of them. "As little Angel_f said..."

... maybe you'll see me at the next Family Day Parade with my atypical family. ByeBye."

And we truly hope to see him real soon, to give us a unusual and touching point of view on humans.

In the meanwhile it is possible to follow his adventures and evolutions in his new blog:

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Derrick de Kerckhove
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